Catastrophism As Leadership

Look at the tyranny of party — at what is called party allegiance, party loyalty   — a snare invented by designing men for selfish purposes — and which turns   voters into chattles, slaves, rabbits, and all the while their masters, and   they themselves are shouting rubbish about liberty, independence, freedom of   opinion, freedom of speech, honestly unconscious of the fantastic contradiction;   and forgetting or ignoring that their fathers and the churches shouted the same   blasphemies a generation earlier when they were closing their doors against   the hunted slave, beating his handful of humane defenders with Bible texts and   billies, and pocketing the insults and licking the shoes of his Southern master.
– “The Character of Man,” Mark Twain’s Autobiography

Something to reflect upon, especially in our current predicament of legislative sloth and the cb4346c7153e417fafcfd080a6d1f666-300a3a1d37dc47f481856d17876be8e6-9f87c72b7ad7c004280f6a7067003883consequence of sequester. It seems that many have chosen the most attractive charlatan as their representative, leaving us with a leadership filled with petty ambitions and vanity. Hopefully, the actuality of the present practice of civil and fiscal catastrophism that has supplanted responsible government will awaken the nation and sift out those with character and conviction from among the mass of sycophants that inhabit the political conscience of this nation and force them to act.