Blinded By Your Protest

0cb53eEver stand up close to a tree?  I mean so close that all you can see is the bark and whatever little crawling things happen to be there. The truth is, you can’t see anything. You’ve taken so much interest in the tree in front of you that you’ve blinded yourself to the forest that the tree is part of. You’ve succumbed to what I like to call myopic-distanciation. This accomplishes two things of great importance.

  1. It creates an atmosphere of hyper-vigilance regarding the tree
  2. It inoculates you to being aware of anything else that may be occurring around you or have any direct significance to you.

That singular, almost pathological fixation on that one tree is your very path to irrelevance and serfdom. It very really is a way to manufacture consent without one lie, it’s all simply be sleight of hand and misdirection.

Now here’s the bombshell, the tree is your possessive self interest and the forest is the community that is marginalized and neglected by your own zeal and commitment to your tree. Now, that isn’t to say that your “tree” isn’t worth commitment. But what it is revealing is that given the opportunity and resources, we will set up shop in our own life size diorama and forget about the world outside and to some degree become emotionally disconnected from the rest of the human race. And now, you pose no threat, you’re no longer an ideological anomaly. You see, by the fostering and indulging of your own overriding self-interest, you’ve now become a categorized electorate. Your vote can now be factored upon to swing right or left according the degree of pandering your issue receives. In fact, it evens determines whether you count at all.

All social politics aren’t bad though, many of the most important issues and triumphs of national politics in the history of America have been of a social nature. One only has to think of the abolition of slavery, women’s suffrage, child labor laws, the almost complete repudiation of Jim Crow to realize the radical and exigent nature of the politics of social interest and the condemnation that we would bring upon ourselves if we were to be remiss in meeting it’s demands with protest, voting, (and this is the lynchpin of all social change) solidarity.

But my greatest fear, and I think that it stands up to the test of history and human nature, is that while we are off fighting the latest social injustice, the latest crime against humanity, the very instigators of poverty and tragedy will have slunk back around to rob the sheepfold while the shepherd is away.

This is why we have to step back and realize that the whole fucking forest is on fire except for our own dear little tree. And our solitary tree doesn’t seem as important anymore, does it. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the right, who for the most part I deem as enemies, burn the whole damn forest down just to prove a point that was asinine to begin with.

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