Fast and Furious, Alleppo Style

Now, I won’t accuse him of duplicity and I’m a bit late to the party as far as commentary, but why the hell is anyone invoking lines that may not be crossed or we may become cross when the tangible differential is the brutalizing and extinguishing of human lives in the tens of thousands? Somehow conventional death isn’t enough to invoke righteous indignation on the part of the deceased Mr. President, but that the malevolent deeds of a tyrant must exceed the mundane machinations of totalitarianism and move onto the weapons of the 1st world before we declare our line in the sand trespassed?

But let me take a step back for a moment, because I voted for Barak Obama…and I would do so again.

Okay, that’s done, moving on.

It’s one thing to send food aid and medical supplies to the civilian population caught in the middle of the festering venereal disease that Syria has become. Hell, I don’t even have that many qualms with giving foodstuffs to the rebels. But arming them, that’s a whole different pile of shit. In one swift, and what I believe could be catastrophic, reach around, we’ve transformed America from benevolent aid worker to arms dealer in what is clearly a sectarian, quasi-proxy conflagration involving multiple warring sects of Islam, several sovereign nations and at least two dictators (I count Putin as a dick-tator).

This will not end well.