The Burning Sea


As childhood perishes
Smoke covers the screams
Hearing but not seeing
The cost of a dream

Step back

Step away

From the faceless screaming of a burning sea

Standing up looking out at the blank canvas of ash
Scoured by the burning sea
A heavy hand upon your shoulder
Warning you back from the shore
Ambition brooks no rival nor memory
Duty and shame see out the eyes of the man with the heavy hand

Searing the screams into dreams of ash
The bodies perish but haunt all the same
Duty and shame make heavy the hand that warns
That warns of the cost

Honor turns to dust as the bridges burn
A warren of Horror
A house for the dead to pace
A home for the pain to turn to ice
Honor dies by the hand of duty

Build the pyre
Set alight with regret
The flames consume your honor
And as dreams turn to dust
The road chains you to destiny
A destiny of destruction
Though the smoke clouds the vision
The heart screams for the illusion of innocence
The Crime of the living so close to the burning sea