Canonical Thoughts

This is from a book that I had started reading and sort of set aside or misplaced; happens when you try to read too many books like I seem to do. Anyway, I saw something that reminded me that I needed to come back and finish it and this is where I had left off. Food for thought, enjoy.

Once “orthodoxy” is defined in fourth-century terms as ecclesiastical doctrine hammered out by the various ecumenical councils, any doctrinal core preceding fourth century can be considered “proto-orthodox” at best. Thus, the validation of the Bauer-Erhman thesis becomes in effect a self-fulfilling prophecy. Bauer, Erhman, and others have cleverly recast the terminological landscape of the debate, most importantly by narrowing the term “orthodoxy” to a degree of doctrinal sophistication only reached in subsequent centuries, so that everything else falls short by comparison. Then they put “diversity” in the place of what was conventionally understood as orthodoxy. (The Heresy Of Orthodoxy, pg 70, by Andreas J. Kostenberger and Michael J. Krueger.)