The Need To Ditch The Me First Syndrome

Without distinctions, without declarative and vigorously defended ideologies and traditions, there can be no diversity and by consequence, no dialogue either of the intramural sort or the kind one imagines should carry on between parties of diverse opinion and position in a society of intellectual rigor.

But those are things which matter little when your ears itch. You need it scratched and quickly. And that, that is the state of America. We need our itches scratched, we need our longings and our prejudices shouted back at us. And we will follow those who echo our ignorance right off the cliff into the deep ocean to drown happy in the delusion that we got our way, that our voice was heard. No matter how inane, absurd and juvenile that cacophony might be.

This, isn’t a plea, though, to not heed the voice of people. I believe, along with Jefferson, that although the people may not be the most wise nor judicious, it is still their voice which must be given precedence, it is their compassion and moral nature which must be trusted.

Rather, it is time for us to reflect upon what is a need and what is a romanticized vision of the past. It is time for the PEOPLE to think of the people, for the community to care for itself at ballot box. It is a call to serve, not be served. Ultimately, it is the time to put aside the notion that self-interest should be the starting point of our civic polity. We shall either be what we claim, an E PLURIBUS UNUM, or a disparate collection of nomads constantly at war with all around us, be it in the form of economics, social or environmental.

It is time to end our stratified society and begin again before our humanity is lost in the pursuit of meaningless stuff to fill our meaningless lives in our homogenous homes.