The Other

scorchedearth89We stand upon the scorched and crushed ashes of cultures and societies and call it civilization. We call it progress and cherish it. We glory in the sanitation of our surroundings. The identification, segregation and ultimate elimination of the OTHER is the inertial and celebrated goal of civilization, our’s being simply the latest iteration. And nothing good will come of it. All of our potential good offerings to the world will ultimately come to naught as we breathe our last breath of defiance against the wickedness that lays at the heart of humanity.

Today, it’s easy to see how unity and uniformity have been conflated, commonality and identicality juxtaposed. The day of discourse has come and gone and ideological domination donning the hypocritical mask of principle is more greatly valued than a compromise that would benefit all. Government has been overwhelmed, the Judiciary has been overwhelmed, the Legislature has been overwhelmed, they have all been overwhelmed by demagoguery and the will to power.

But what provides the substance, what provides the bulwark for the platforms of political opportunism and what can only be described as a “to hell with it” nietzschean abandon? The OTHER. That is, the marginalized, the no longer useful, those that find their gender or race to be boundaries in their lives that cannot be overcome, those that have suffered and need someone to blame. That is the other, those are whom the patricians and the demagogues look to for the brute force of their numbers to force victory, all the while maintaining a disdain for them and actively assuring that none rise above their station.

The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.
~Aldous Huxley The Olive Tree



But this is also the secret of a representative government, a means of rule that disconnects the people at large from actual democratic participation by way of policies and committees and agendas that only are revealed after election day. And to beg the pardon of Mr. Lincoln, we are not “a government of the people, by the people, for the people,” rather, we are most assuredly a government of a few people, by even less people, for a very few people.

And so, though we cling with a desperate triumphalism to the words and spirit of the Declaration of Independence, the Republic stole our democracy, the judiciary stole our legislature and mammon bought them all to their very souls.

And the OTHER? Well, we go unnoticed for the most part, our cries and deaths drowned out by the din of consumption. Unnoticed, even, when our blood stains the leather of your shoes as you climb to the next pinnacle of representative tyranny, Mr. Senator.