Sabbath Rest

No matter how arduous the week may have been, no matter how afflicted and abandoned I may feel, every sabbath the Lord reminds me who HE IS and subsequently, who I am.

Yet, I think sometimes we remember to breathe once we hit the Lord’s Day as a space in between the mundane, as if it’s a capstone to the week, the manner in which we end our labor. What I think we sometimes neglect, though, is that the Lord’s Day is the FIRST day of the week. The benediction becomes even more relevant when framed as the sending out into the world as we begin our weekly labors. The Liturgy ends with a sending out into the milieu of the secular. The Sabbath is rest, but it is also the manner in which we begin our labors.

In effect, we announce that our lives for that week may not properly begin apart from the worship of the Lord. We have that first day to orient ourselves properly, to remind ourselves whom and what we truly love, and prepare to show that affection for the next six days.

And so every Sunday we gather to proclaim the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We do so in a certain way and prescribed way. There is an ordered path to how we spend our time. We are greeted by the God who is; we are called to worship Him, His Law is read, His Gospel is proclaimed, we confess our sins; we are assured of His pardon; we are fed by Word and Sacrament and with the benediction we are sent out to proclaim His glory and love our neighbor.